Southern Cross Guitars


High quality hand made guitars for the young Suzuki student made under the supervision of internationally renowned Australian luthier, Richard Howell.

Southern Cross Guitars have been developed in consultation with Suzuki Guitar Teacher Trainer, Zeah
Riordan. They are built using solid timber soundboards (spruce), solid timber back and sides (American walnut
or Tasmanian Blackwood) and ebony fingerboards. They are light, beautifully finished with French polish and
have a superb dynamic and colour range. Each built-to-order hand crafted guitar includes a quality case.
These are instruments which enable outstanding tone production.
We are able to offer a full range of sizes:

  • The ‘Little Ripper’ series: LR1-38cm, LR2-40cm, LR3-43cm, LR4-46cm scale length.


  • The ‘You Beauty’ series: YB1-50, YB2-55 and YB3-58 cm scale lengths.

The Southern Cross Guitars LR & YE series are being made by Sachar Amos. 

For further information about Southern Cross Guitars regarding placement of orders, shipping, prices and waiting periods contact: Zeah Riordan