Torres Model - Introduction


These instruments are an authentic re-creation of an 1860 guitar by the great Spanish master, Torres. The construction and assembly of each follow as closely as possible the exact methods used by Torres himself:  no modern labour-saving techniques were employed to produce this instrument. They are completely hand-made in the true Spanish method.


My 35 years of guitar-building experience have gone into the construction of these individually hand-crafted instruments. I have used the finest timbers available, ranging in age from 50 - 150 years old, and in origin including the finest German spruce and premium quality old-growth Brazilian rosewood.


My quest was to re-create a revered classic, worthy to be admired for its tone, feel and aesthetics.  This Limited Edition Howell guitar has taken in excess of 500 hours to create.  The meticulous construction and authentic varnish, traditionally applied, will ensure its integrity as well as its place alongside the original Torres.


Yours Sincerely

Richard Howell

Antonio de Torres

Inlay rosette


Torres model closeup heel block


(Click this link to see the Torres model being crafted from a pile of wood to the finished guitar )